{On Air With Kate Butler} Revealing Life's Best Kept Secrets for living a successful life filled with purpose and abundance.

Peggy McColl is a world-renowned wealth, business and manifestation expert as well as the New York Times Best Selling Author of Your Destiny Switch: Master Your Key Emotions And Attract the Life of Your Dreams.
For over 26+ years at the time of this publication, using her Power Life Script® process — along with her unique intimate understanding of the Universal Laws - she has been showing people from around the globe how to: Manifest any result they desire in their personal and professional lives, from dream homes and soulmates
to perfect health and multi-million-dollar businesses; Become International Best-Selling Authors; Create wealth and complete freedom; And much more.

Patty Aubery Building billion-dollar brands...yes, BILLION. As President of The Canfield Training Group, Patty Aubery has not only overseen the growth of the publishing industry’s first billion-dollar brand, Chicken Soup for the Soul®, but she’s also created a multimillion dollar training company around the success principles of author Jack Canfield. Patty has expanded these live training and coaching programs to 108 countries and prepared thousands of emerging success trainers for professional careers in the transformational field. She is a #1 NY Times bestseller. She is now dedicated to bringing her experience to women entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and corporate employees through live events, retreats, women’s summits and speaking engagements that teach audiences and small groups the Success Principles and strategic career planning.

Jenny Fenig is a lifestyle coach who so generously shares her wisdom with us. Jenny has a coaching certification program and is known for teaching women who to do less and make more...seriously. Jenny dives deep with us in this episode as she shares her struggles, reveals what helped her release the brakes and also drops so many pearls of wisdom that can be applied, today, to help create more success!!

Jenny Fenig helps you amplify your results by doing less.

In her online coaching and training business, she specializes in empowering women coaches, consultants, creatives and wellness professionals to increase their confidence, impact, money and time-freedom by mixing modern with ancient practices. A focus of her work is helping her clients develop magnetic brand messages and transformational programs to serve their online communities.

How This Hoarder Found a Way Out of Her Whole and into the Hearts of Millions!

Melanie Renee is a social media influencer whose work is focused on humanizing hoarding disorder. She explains the true mentality behind her hoarding disorder on her YouTube Channel: A Hoarder's Heart.

On this episode of {On Air with Kate Butler} I have the pleasure of interviewing the amazing and talented TV and Radio Host Dr. Sue Cornbluth. On this episode Dr. Sue shares with us how to use compassion to cure conflict.

In this episode of {On Air with Kate Butler} I interview the amazing Katie Jefcoat about how to create optimum happiness in our lives  with Intentional Margins. 

In this episode of {On Air with Kate Butler} I interview the star of Tyler Perry's The Oval. Taja Simpson shares with us her journey from SCAR to STAR!

Melissa Binkley is the founder of The Intuitive Intelligence Academy™. She is Quantum Healer and Spiritual Alchemist, Certified Mastery Transformational Coach, Soul & Business Strategist, #1 International Best- Selling Author and International Transformation Speaker. Melissa uses several techniques that fuse science and spirituality, personal development, and the quantum field. Her trainings include neuroscience, quantum physics, cognitive behavioral therapy, NLP, transpersonal psychology, consciousness, heart science, health coaching, transformational coaching method, and spiritual & energy healing techniques. Melissa is conducting the World’s Largest Miracles Experiment and her Docu-series "Quantum Miracles Mastery, how to create miracles today to manifest more love, health and wealth and heal during crisis" has reached nearly 1 million people. Melissa is a highly dynamic sought after speaker and thought leader who has shared platforms with Marianne Williamson, Dr. John Demartini, Lewis Howes, Deepak Chopra, Gabby Bernstein, Jack Canfield and is also a teacher for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and on the board of several human trafficking organizations worldwide. She has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Authority Mag and Buzzfeed as well as on TV, Radio and Podcasts worldwide.

Ash Ahern is a Speaker, Certified Holistic Coach and Branding Expert from Calgary, Canada.
She is the founder of Fluid Business Lab Inc: an interactive creative studio dedicated to the creation of aligned brands for Impact Driven Entrepreneurs and Emerging Influencers.  Her development of the Identity Alignment Model (I AM) has propelled her to the forefront as a leading authority on authentic and sustainable brands with purpose.  A mom of 3, Ash is passionate about grace over hustle and tuning in to the unique divine design within every client.

Laura Wright has closed a cool $43 million and then some over the past 20 years and she's the founder of EPIC at Sales, but, for a time Laura Wright's life was anything but epic.  After her real estate company crashed and burned in 2008 (along with the rest of the economy), Laura found herself over $500,000 in debt - while being the sole provider of her family, no less. There, she was lost, demoralized, and doubting her ability to rise up from this setback, until she remembered two of her greatest gifts: the power to see the potential in ANY situation and the ability to close just about any sale with love.  A few years later, Laura has made a name for herself in the coaching industry as the go-to "Sales Ninja" for service-based women in business, helping her clients scale to six-figures within months and cross seven-figures in record time.  She's also expanded her mission to change that way all women rise from entrepreneurial dips and even wrote the rulebook to prove it.  No Woman Down: 51 Lessons to Create Your Epic Income Rise. A Self-Published Author, Speaker, Growth Strategist, and Master Sales Coach, Laura's approach to creating wealth and scaling businesses is simple, effective and steeped in the absolute belief that sales is love. Laura currently live in Baltimore with her Hubby, their kiddo, and their gentle giant, a Bernese Mountain Dog. 

In this broadcast of "Revealing Life's Best Kept Secrets" Kate interviews Selena Soo, who shares with us all things publicity and how we can use it for a greater purpose! 

Selena Soo is a publicity and marketing strategist for entrepreneurs, experts, and authors who want to impact millions with their message.

She’s helped clients and students get featured in places like O, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and Inc., and land interviews on popular podcasts and national TV.

Many of Selena's clients have become industry leaders with 6- and 7-figure businesses, raving fan bases, and hundreds of thousands of followers.

This was such a great conversation- you have to check it out!!!

In this episode of {On Air with Kate Butler} I interview Erin McCahill!

Overcoming loss at a young age and escaping a traumatic relationship has allowed our Guest Expert, Erin McCahill, to learn how to listen to lifeguards in life. She shares about all of this and more as she reveals Life's Best Kept Secrets in this episode...

In this broadcast of "Revealing Life's Best Kept Secrets" Kate interviews Teri P. Cox, MBA.

How to navigate change and come out with the best life that you can possibly imagine!

With passion and creativity Teri has dedicated her life and her career to challenging the status quo and connecting the golden dots to better solutions and transforming through change and loss.

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