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I'm IN!! Payment Plan 1- $550 x 3 Payments
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Welcome to the New Year Renewal Retreat,


We all know life changes, things shift and magic happens when we are in that "high vibe".

So let's begin the New Year in the best possible way...together. 


Join Kate Butler for a one-of-kind intimate Renewal Retreat Experience happening at her home, in Southern NJ, January 20th, 21st and 22nd.


  • This retreat will be kept small specifically so Kate's eyes can be on YOUR business and we can further determine the keys to success for YOU in this New Year.


  • This retreat will include a renewal experience along with connection, masterminding and collaboration. 


  • This retreat is everything YOU need to get clear on your success path and step into the New Year rejevated, refreshed and in complete alignment with your soul's mission.


*Space is limited due to the nature of this retreat and we WILL sell out. If this feels aligned, please book your space now to reserve your spot! Once the post are filled the retreat registration will be closed.

I'm IN! Pay In Full!
I'm IN!! Payment Plan 1- $550 x 3 Payments
I'm In!! Payment Plan 2- $285 x 6 Payments


The New Year Renewal Retreat will explore 4 elements of renewal so you walk away with a clear success plan for your personal and professional life. These four parts include,

  • Renewal of Clarity: A uniquely designed experience that will allow you to release anything keeping you stuck and bring forth the clarity necessary to design the life that you dream of and deserve. 
  • Renewal of Creativity: You will relish in inspiring activities to spark your creativity and connect into your imagination, which of course, is where all the beautiful magic stems from! 
  • Renewal of Next Level Expansion: Once you are clear and in your flow of creativity we will spark the vortex of expansion as you are guided through a customized "Next Level Expansion Life Design" which will provide you a clear vision and process for what is next.
  • Renewal of Unparalleled Success: If there is one thing Kate believes, it is IN YOU. She believes YOU are a miracle, YOU have a unique brilliance, YOU are a magic maker beyond measure, YOU are here to do epic things, YOU are a game changer and YOU are here for a purpose...and BECAUSE you embody all of this, YOU also have an opportunity to experience "Unparalleled Success". So let's do that. Are you in?


There is a deep purpose of this specific retreat and why Kate is hosting it this time of year. Her goal is to renew your spirit and as we rebirth and create a new year for our lives, to also take to nourish our souls and come back home to ourselves. This retreat will be a one-of-a-kind experience of coming back home to yourself and remembering who you are, who you really are. And from this place, and only this place, do we create the life we are meant to live for the next year and beyond.


*This is a special retreat and experience, but space is extremely limited in an effort to provide everyone the ultimate VIP experience, so please reserve your spot now if you would like to be there!

I'm IN! Pay In Full!
I'm IN!! Payment Plan 1- $550 x 3 Payments
I'm In!! Payment Plan 2- $285 x 6 Payments




  • Intention Setting Ceremony
  • Renewal Circle to begin our journey together.


  • Morning session
  • Afternoon session
  • Followed by Dinner and Dreams


  • Morning session
  • Closing Intention Ceremony
  • Concluding early afternoon 

What's included:

Friday evening- 

  • Connection Cocktail + Apps Party


  • Blissful Breakfast
  • Limitless Lunch
  • Connection Cocktail Hour
  • Divinely Inspired Dinner


  • Blessed Brunch


  • Arranged driver to and from hotel when you stay at recommended Courtyard by Marriott.

All supplies-

  • All assets, goodies and surprises! 
  • ... all you need to bring is yourself!

*Once registered, more details to follow on hotel, times and location of Kate's home.


I'm IN! Pay In Full!
I'm IN!! Payment Plan 1- $550 x 3 Payments
I'm In!! Payment Plan 2- $285 x 6 Payments

We hope you join us!!!