Ready to Transform Your Book into a Thriving Business?

Do you want to...

✓ Have a waiting list for book signings

Watch those books sales soar 

Experience Wild Abundance as Your Income Grows


... WITHOUT doing it The Same Old Ways That Bring NO RESULTS?


Ready to Transform Your Book into a Thriving Business?

Have a waiting list for book signings
Watch those book sales soar
Feel wildly abundant as your income increases and the revenue flows
... WITHOUT doing it The Same Old Ways That Bring NO RESULTS?

If you answered YES, then I'm thrilled that you're here. Because I want you to experience the same level of success and IMPACT that we've achieved over the past 10 years. Our proven systems have brought us undeniable results in all areas, and now we're here to help YOU achieve the same. Say farewell to frustrating tactics that yield no results. 


I'm Kate Butler, and I've been exactly where you are right now. I understand that burning desire to reach as many readers as possible with your books. But let me tell you, it takes more than wishful thinking. It takes a clear path, a solid support system, and the know-how to navigate the book-to-business transformation successfully.


That's why I took my own successful journey and created Make Your Book a Business—a comprehensive program designed exclusively for authors who are ready to thrive!


All of this is possible with the right strategy, the right support, the right experience behind you, and knowing what to do and when to do it...and also what not to do!

Get ready to learn the secrets behind:

➔ Unlocking Steady, Increased Sales of Your Book
➔ Landing Lucrative Speaking Engagements
➔ Creating a Lasting Stream of Income

Imagine the possibilities when all these verticals align seamlessly within your business...

Book Stores

  • Identify and approach targeted book stores
  • Craft persuasive pitches and compelling outreach
  • Secure prime shelf space for your book
  • Strategies to sustain and grow bookstore presence

Book Signings

  • Discover ideal venues for maximum impact
  • Master the art of booking successful signings
  • Insider tips for captivating and engaging audiences


Workshops + Events

  • Host powerful workshops that attract participants
  • Fill your events with eager attendees
  • Generate profit and monetize your expertise
  • Do's and Don'ts for event success

Events Speaking

  • Secure coveted speaking engagements
  • Effectively communicate your message to inspire audiences
  • Create a high ROI for your speaking engagements
  • Foster lasting relationships with event organizers

Author Speaking

  • Unlock opportunities for speaking gigs and referrals
  • Connect with schools and educational institutions
  • Master the art of impactful author presentations


Mentorship + Coaching

  • Live, customized coaching sessions tailored to your needs
  • Built-in accountability for measurable progress
  • Expert guidance from industry-leading mentors


What do people have to say about Kate?

Peggy McColl - New York Times Best Selling Author

"Kate Butler is one of the most authentic, honest, enthusiastic people I have had the pleasure of meeting. She has a genuine desire to help others create success in their lives and she is amazing at inspiring others to find their passion and live it. Everything she does, from her books, to her events, to her coaching, is done with class and finesse. Kate is one of those rare people who truly walks the talk. Listen to her. Follow her. Invest in everything she offers. I highly recommend her."

We'll help you achieve these results with:

Six Masterclass Modules... Immerse Yourself in In-Depth Material, Detailed Examples, and Step-by-Step Processes


Action Steps + Specific "How-To's"... Empower Yourself with Clear, Actionable Steps to Take



Overcoming Objections + Roadblocks... Equip Yourself with Strategies to Tackle Any Challenge, Achieving Proven Results and Success

What do people have to say about Kate?

Patty Aubery - President, The Canfield Training Group

"I just finished the most amazing two-day retreat with Kate Butler that we hosted for her authors of the Inspired Impact Book Series. If you are interested in writing a book, publishing a best-seller or want to learn how to market your book, make sure you work with Kate, she is the master at best-seller publishing! She changes the lives and businesses of the women she works with. She truly takes you from where you are to where you want to go."

Now is Your Moment! Are you ready?

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This program was initially delivered live. We are providing you all of the contntent within this program with instant access. Please note that while some content may have initially been recorded live, there is not a live component of the program at this time, which is reflected in the special pricing we are offering. You will greatly benefit from having access to the replays to the live calls that have previously taken place.

Hear from clients, past and present!

"I had never quite found women doing business in the way I had always dreamed of and with Kate, I had an opportunity to see someone able to claim all aspects of herself and succeeding beyond belief. So much has happened in the last 3 months. Kate is a powerhouse and her ability to see me so clearly helped me see myself through her eyes.  I feel unstoppable!!!"
-Patty S.
"After Kate’s retreat I had my financial best 3 months of my 18 year career! I started planning my own business and not only dreaming about the future but planning it as if it was already mine. I am so thankful that I was lead to Kate and her passion and that I now have a TRIBE that helps me daily keep things in perspective and moving forward. I cannot imagine a life now without this understanding and these people."
-Tonya H.
"I recently attended her Success in the Sand retreat and left feeling like a new person. In just one week since the retreat, so many new opportunities and clients have presented themselves that I’m on the brink of a huge up-level in my business. Now I wake with enthusiasm and a clear purpose everyday. Truly, it has been a life-changing experience and I am so grateful to have met Kate!"
-Margaret C.


I'll see you on the inside!

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